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STICHTING 11:11 is the developer of 'the Circle - map of life', a
simple and universal model. Using the twelve characters you can
easily understand your spiritual world, which is the beginning of
everything that manifests in your physical world. During meditation
you take a 'look' in your subconscious and in your own StoneCircle
you come to yourself completely. The downloads and the manual
are free!

Download 'the Circle - map of life', the
meditationmusic and create your own StoneCircle
'The Circle - map of life'
Click on the icon on the left to download and print the PDF 'the
Circle - map of life'. Draw a line from Zero to 666 on the circle with a
pen and ruler over each of the 12 characters, to form a star. Read the
description of character 1 and put a dot on the line that expresses
your 'purpose' positively or negatively. Be honest and state your
current situation, not how you want it. Do this also for the other
characters. If you connect all points from 1 to 2 to 3 ... to 12, you get a
diagram, an image of your energy system. The ultimate balance
between your spiritial world and your material world is the line 333.

During this meditation of 11:11 minutes you can 'take a look' in your
subconscious. Choose a quiet place to sit or lie down. Use incense or
essential oil. Start the meditation music by clicking the icon on the
left. Close your eyes and imagine that you climb a mountain and sit
on top of it. Looking out over the valley you can contemplate your
daily life from a higher perspective and easily receive information
from the 5th dimension, the Cosmic Plan above you.

A practical application of 'the Circle - map of life' is the StoneCircle.
Subtle sounds, delicious scents and beautiful colors. This ambience
provides a highly harmonizing and transforming effect. A
StoneCircle generates Zero-point energy which increases your
vibration frequency and transforms negative energy. You will
experience feelings of ultimate relaxation and satisfaction. A
StoneCircle is a miracle, make one yourself. It's a piece of the world
in the 4th dimension. Here cooperation and equality live side by side.
Click the icon on the left for an impression of a StoneCircle.

What do you need?
a quiet room
if you like, a round carpet, diameter about 2 meters
a compass
measuring tape
CD/USB-player or SmartPhone
incense or essential oil
coulored light of moodlight

How to make your own StoneCircle?
choose the right place to make your StoneCircle
put the compass in the middle of the room
use measuring tape, compass to determine the four compasspoints
put the 1st stone at South
put the 2nd stone at North
put the 3rd stone at West and the 4e stone at East
use the measuring tape to determine the other 8 positions
do not put anything in the StoneCircle

How to use a StoneCircle?
light the insence or the essecial oil
switch on the moodlight
switch on the meditation music
choose the position where you want to lay down your head
lay down inside the StoneCircle and close your eyes
enjoy the healing powers of your own StoneCircle

Scale Model
Use twelve small stones to create a scale model of the StoneCircle to
put on your desk or bedside table and feel how intriguing it is. A
StoneCircle is a part of the 4th dimension where cooperation and
equality live side by side.

Inside your own Circle you will never be short of and
never have any collision

The Circle

Practical applications

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