Revolutionary or controversial
This information can open up your mind of which many people
think is impossible. Just therefor it's as revolutionary as controversial.
In the first case, it might be 'a gift from heaven' and, in the second
case, perhaps 'nonsense'. But if you acknowledge who you really are,
you will find out that there is a fascinating 'invisible' world beside our
visible physical world that has a major influence on your earthly

Man is the only being on Earth with a so-called
'free will'; you can choose whether you follow your
heart or your ego

Man is the only being on Earth with a so-called 'free will'. That is the
result of our origin. As a species we have the opportunity to choose
whether we follow our intuition (heart) or our ratio (ego). And
whatever the choice is we make, we always gain our experiences. The
difference is, following our intuition gives us a positive, warm and
fulfilled feeling, while ignoring our intuition will result in a more
dramatic ending. This way humanity is forced to learn to listen to its
intuition. If we take our intuition seriousy we follow 'fate', if we
ignore our intuition we follow 'destiny'.

In the search for who we truly are, there is a chance we cross the
border of our Circle and end up in the 3e dimension. Here our
intuition is absent. We are influenced by negative emotions and
assume that our (always limited) ratio provides the solutions to solve
our problems. But if we are honest, we can see the negative effects all
around us. However, we often try to deny or suppress (with
medication) these obvious symptoms. In a matter of fact, we close
our eyes so the inconvenient truth is unvisable and pretend we are
living inside our Circle. It's the world upside down.

Growth is therefore not always positive, there is certainly a limit.
From the Zero-point to the border of the 3rd and 4th dimension (the
line 333), growth is positive. As soon as we have passed the border it
turns into negative. A setback that we then have to endure is a signal
that reminds us that we have gone too far and that we have ignored
our intuition at an earlier stage. A positive attitude in this case is not
to continue, but to turn back within the 4th dimension. With this, the
negative energy in the 3rd dimension is recognized and can be
transformed at an early stage without major consequences. So
negative energy is nothing bad, it indicates that something is not

It's like the classic metaphor with the angels and
the demons

The other side
Our soul permeates our physical body. It was there before we were
born and will continue to exist even after physical death. And as soon
as we are emotionally aware of this new condition, we leave the
earthly bound astral sphere (a transition) to reunite to our own
higher light sphere. Souls who cannot accept their physical death
become so-called wandering souls and can go to great lengths to be
noticed by people. Sometimes that behavior is intrusive or even
aggressive. They are negative entities that, depending on their nature
and duration in the astral sphere, can exert an enormous influence
on our Earthly existence. In addition, there are souls from the higher
light spheres who consider it their task to guide us as human beings,
so-called spiritual guidance. Every person has spiritual guidance.

So, although we are responsible for any decision we make, we are
surrounded by souls (entities) from the spiritual world. And without
being aware of it, we can be strongly influenced by them. Within our
Circle they are more encouraging, like a warm and loving positive
inspiration. But outside our Circle, their nature is manipulative and
compelling, and sometimes even aggressive. Also inspiration, but
negative. This can even be experienced as 'hearing voices' that give
commands. It's like the classic metaphor with the angels and
demons. Important to know, negative or lower entities are an integral
part of our spiritual world. As a result of their lack of self-love, they
act as brutal messengers to remind us our imbalance. It's the result of
ignoring our intuition. Nothing to be afraid of, just something to take

Do you regularly experience a feeling of discomfort, do you feel that
you are being overshadowed, that the thoughts you have are not
yours or that negative words are being put into your mouth? Then
there is a chance that, without being aware of it, one or more
negative entities are present in your house or are piggybacking in
your energy system (aura). Once you have crossed the border of your
Circle an imbalance has arisen and negative entities stick to you until
you acknowledge these negative emotions. Their emotions
correspond to your own unprocessed emotions. You may feel your
life as a burden and there is a risk to fall deepdown into a negative
feelings. It can cause complaints that may be expressed in:

negative thoughts and behaviours
stress, burn-out
chronical tiredness
sleep disorder
eat disorder
compulsive neuroses
autoimmune disease

Cancer is the final physical manifestation of this negative energy,
which has previously been proposed in mental and emotional
awareness, but was not recognized and transformed. Cancer is
therefore not a disease but a symptom of unprocessed negative
energy, the energetic imbalance.

The primairy cause of cancer
From an energetic point of view cancer is a (physical) symptom
caused by a failure of the energetic immune system which is based
on convictions. And because we experience an attacker (cancer)
more like an offender rather than a messenger, we create our own
victimization. It is an emotional repercussion that avoids
responsibility. Prior to the physical 'disease' cancer, we ignored our
intuition for a long period of time.

Young children are usually an exception. The (spiritual) awareness of
the parents is crucial. Every soul, however, outlines its own soul path
before birth. The childs soul may thus have planned the experience
of cancer to urge the parents to develop their spiritual awareness.
From an emotioinal point of view hard to understand, but the child
provides the parents with a service, even if it is in the form of a

The fight against cancer exists because of the maintaining of the
'offender-victim' relationship. By recognizing the offender as a
messenger the awareness will grow so we can understand why we
got cancer. As a result the destructive energy that caused the cancer
will be transformed into constructive energy.

Cancer is the physical manifestation of unprocessed
negative energy

Vibration frequency
Everything and everyone is and has energy and therefore a vibration
frequency, a wavelength. It is like sound. Loud deep basses produce
a lot of energy, but their (vibration) frequency is low. Something or
somebody can have a lot of energy, but its vibration frequency may
be low. By developing our awareness, our chakras remain in balance
and we increase the vibrational frequency of our physical body
through our energy body (aura). A low vibration frequency can lead
to mental and physical diseases.

By consuming food, listening to music and receiving information by
(social) media we copy that vibration. Also a (sexual) relationship
affects our own vibration, as well as (religious)convictions and
traditions. The vibration of a person with cancer is often to low. It is
important to increase the vibration of the (energetic) body. In this
situation, avoid products and habits, but also people and places
(cities) with a lower vibration and immediately apply products and
habits with a higher vibration. As a result, the (energetic) body is
brought back to a higher vibration and negative entities will have less

Habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs, porn, but also
eating meat, degrade the vibration of your (energetic) body. A
microwave dramatically degrades the vibration frequency of the
food. Habits like meditating, sauna, hiking, eating vegetarian food
and spices such as turmeric and ginger increase the vibration of your
(energetic) body. It's obvious that classical music has a higher
vibration than dance or techno. Sugar gives a lot of energy, but its
vibration frequency is very low. It's a cheap surrogate for love. The
need for sugar indicates a lack of self-love, the main cause for cancer.

Eating meat lowers the vibrational frequency of
your energetic body

Free yourself
So-called 'bad' products or habits do not cause cancer. The cause of
this must be sought in erroneous beliefs, emotional needs,
encouraged by negative entities and then ignoring your intuition.
The products or habits lower the vibration and thus the resistance
(immune system) of the body. As a result, the entity feels invited to
'take over' your physical body, causing mutations and uncontrolled
growth in specific body cells. It feeds on your energy, further
reducing your resistance. It is parasitism with an often dramatic
outcome. Self-reflection, your research into how the cancer
originated and the expansion of awareness that results from it, leads
to a higher vibrational frequency and restoration of the energetic
balance. It even has a positive result for both. The person in question
rids himself of the entity and heals himself of cancer. The entity feels
'seen' and is released from it's negative energy. This allows it to leave
the astral world and enter its sphere of light, without having to look
for a new 'victim'. A liberation for everyone.

On the other side, a very chaotic situation can prevail, so that it is not
always possible for your spiritual guidance to perform its task
properly. In addition to personal awareness, the concept of
STICHTING 11:11 is also aimed at restoring contact with your
guidance on the other side, so that negative entities do not get a grip
on you. The goal is to bring you within your Circle, the 4e dimension
and to restore contact with your higher self in the 5th dimension.

So cancer is not a coincidence or bad luck. This 'knockdown
argument' is on behalf of regular medicine and the billion-dollar
pharmaceutical industry.

Cancer is a monster, don't fight it but ask yourself
why it is with you

Cancer in a different light

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