The Circle as a context of life
'The Circle - map of life' is a universal energetic model that gives
insight into your spiritual world, the origin of everything that
manifests in your physical world. The Circle is constructed as an
analogue clock. Each of the twelve positions represents a character
and has a positive and a negative side. The thirteenth position in the
middle is the ultimate position of the mind, the Zero-point, were (re)
birth takes place.

Within your Circle you will experience the positive effects of the
twelve characters, oneness. Here everything is in harmony. Outside
the 333 border, you will experience the negative effects of the twelve
characters, the duality, the chaos and the greed. The line 666 is the
extreme border, materialism, also called "the antichrist" or "the
beast", all refering to the apocalyptic 'end of your material world'. The
lessons of life are experienced between Zero-point and 666.

Seen from the side, the Circle is a mountain that must be climbed
after our "free" fall. By climbing higher we will increase our
awareness until we finally reach the top. From this point we can
leave the Earth's spheres and go ‘home’.
Symbolically you are born on top of your mountain. The goal is to
integrate the 12 universal characters. During your development, the
mountain should be descended in a spiral form to experience the 12
characters in the 4th dimension in a full and positive way. This way,
sufficient positive developments are made to withstand the negative
side of the 12 characters from the 3th dimension. Because
manifestation (material growth) has become a goal in itself, many
children, so to speak, glide straight and at full speed down the
mountain. As a result, these children experience the negative side of
the 12 basic characters at a young age, without first having
experienced them in a positive way. The negative behaviour
(competition and hierarchy) that children and (young) adults
subsequently exhibit is caused by a lack of positive character
experiences within the Circle 333, the 4th dimension. Eventually they
lose contact with the Higher Self, their Holy Spirit from the 5th
dimension and have no idea why they are on Earth. The ego is born.

The ultimate balance between your spiritual world
and your material world is the line 333

In the search for compensation other people will reflect parts of
yourself. They are your mirrors. Your energy system is always
looking for a solution to achieve balance. A rejection in the sense of
condemnation means that you see something that needs to be
transformed within yourself. So what you reject is not the negative
energy of the other, but your own. You transform by, for example,
converting competition into cooperation. An attraction is caused by
compensating energies. For example, if you feel limited in your
freedom, you may be attracted to someone who expresses the
character Liberation (11) in a more positive way. It works like
communicating vessels, the surplus flows to the deficit. A greater
effect has a person with a positive character Radiation (5). Radiation
(5) is the opposite of Liberation (11), making its attraction even
stronger towards the center of your own Circle.

The love between two people is expressed as 13 in the center of the
Circle. It is the reference for the love for Yourself, the contact with
your Higher Self, your Holy Spirit in the 5th dimension. Like the
numbers of an analog clockwork, the strongest of the 12 characters of
these lovers together are 13. Service (3) and manifestation (10) help
each other on their way to the center. This combination is common,
the woman generally representing service and the man representing
manifestation. However, when the female service turns into sacrifice
(3rd dimension) serving male manifestation, it has negative
consequences and the collective vibrational frequency decreases.
Love cools down and turns into conflict.

Download 'the Circle - map of life' in PDF and find out how you can
reach the middle of your Circle by using the twelve characters.

If you 'accidentally' have left the 4th dimension as an adult and you
have taken up residence in the dualistic 3rd dimension automatically
dilutes the connection with the 4th and 5th dimension. You lose
contact with your Higher Self in the 5th dimension. Having children
is therefore still experienced as a miracle that gives the parents that
blissful feeling from the 5th dimension again. Nature's new miracle is
uninhibited and pure. But when you bring a child into the world, the
urge to manifest is expressed. You make something material and that
will be at the expense of the original flora and fauna. It is the 3rd
dimension law 'the law of the fittest'. In that case, the human being is
the strongest who takes up more and more space. This law does not
exist in the 4th dimension, there the human being takes a step back
and gives space back to nature and then leaves planet Earth, into the
5th dimension. You could also call it anti-manifestation.

People who are apparently ready for this are called New Age
children, or rather New Age people. They are high sensitive people
whose female intuition is in balance with the male ratio. Intuition is
leading in this, the ratio follows. They see the world differently and
follow their Cosmic Plan. Because in our outdated society in the 3th
dimension the male ratio is very dominant, high sensitive New Age
people do not really feel at home here and isolation (autism) or
resistance (ADHD) is often the only way to express this. In fact,
autism and ADHD are just hallmarks of mainstream medicine that
classify New Age people as outsiders. And that is right, because New
Age people, together with their soul mates, only really feel at home
in the 4th dimension. They will be the first inhabitants of a new
world, set within the boundaries of the 4th dimension where
competition and hierarchy have given way to cooperation and
equality and cancer has no chance. STICHTING 11:11 helps them
build that world.

Your spiritual world is the beginning of everything
that manifests in your physical world

The origin of the Circle
The circle is the symbol of wholeness and safety. Inspired by what
we call "cropcircles", tens of thousands of years ago humans made
stonecircles in places where circles appeared in the landscape in a
miraculous way. As a reminder of our collective purpose we receive
coded messages from unmaterialized (light bulbs) extraterrestrials.
By means of pure form (character 4) compensation is offered for our
enormous urge to manifest (character 10). Many people are
fascinated by this phenomenon and deeply inside they recognize the
meaning and the special (Zero-point) energy created in a circle. They
'remember' that long ago circles were used to get rid of negative
energies and to establish contact with the higher spiritual world. It
gave people insights into their lives. The concept 'the Circle - map of
life' connects various religions, traditions and rituals in which the
circle plays an important role; the 13 crystal skulls, the 13 Mayatones,
Jesus with his 12 Apostles and the Astrology, are easily recognizable.

Zero-point energy from the 5th dimension
Zero-point energy can indirectly give us everything we really need.
Some people will interpret that as free electricity or unlimited
material growth. Fortunately, Zero-point energy does not provide for
that, but in the growth of our awareness, our vibrational frequency. It
is the path to contact with your Higher Self, your Holy Spirit,
indispensable information from past lives that is stored in the
cosmos for each of us. Zero-point energy originates in the center of a
(stone)circle and flows through a channel from the 5th dimension to
the Earth. In this Zero-point, all twelve basic energies are in balance.
Yangay, the 13th crystal skull is the bearer of this Zero-point energy.
It is the perfect tool to attune to Yourself and to realize that you need
nothing else. It is pure spiritual satisfaction. This feeling is a reference
to create the necessary resources that lead to a complete and loving
life that occurs within the limits of your own safe circle, the 4th

Yangay the 13th crystal skull, source of inspiration
for 'the Circle - map of life'

Yangay, the 13th crystal skull
Little knowledge of crystal skulls has presurved, but hidden deep in
the subconscious of humanity the memory of 13 crystal skulls is
stored. As before the fall of Atlantis, crystal skulls make their
appearance at this time to remind humanity anew of the essence of
life. Yangay is both a soul from a higher dimension and the name of
the 13th crystal skull. The soul Yangay programmed a crystal skull in
the time of Lemuria that survived Atlantis but eventually in 1366 AD.
was nevertheless destroyed under pressure from the local authorities
in Tibet. Yangay waited for Peter in a Tibetan monastery for over 600
years, until the time was right. In 2006 he programmed a new crystal
skull there for Peter and the 13th crystal skull was brought back to
life. Crystal skulls, like computers, can store and share information.
In that comparison, bigger is not always better and older is not at all.
That is why Peter has integrated the energy of Yangay and 'uploaded'
it to this website. This makes the energy of Yangay up to date and
available to everyone again. Each time has its own medium.

Listen or read the complete story about Yangay. Or click on the icon
on the left to start a meditation with Yangay.

Contact with your Higher Self in the 5th dimension
heals all wounds and feels like coming home

the Circle - map of life

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