The big question

Who are we as human beings and where does our unbridled urge to
manifest come from, the cause of inequality, diseases, (religious)
wars, overpopulation and pollution? Here is a shocking story of
which you will undoubtedly recognize something.

The only thing people should remember is why they
are on Earth

The Big Bang
What many people call 'God' or 'the Source' was about 13,8 billion
years ago as big as a walnut. As a dissonant in an older parallel
universe, our 'God' came up with the idea of manifesting itself by
creating the Big Bang and grew into a huge universe of which we are
part of. That means you are just a piece of this dissonant 'God' with a
huge urge of manifestation. In order to restrain that manifestation
you incarnated as a human being and reincarnate as often as
necessary to develope your awareness to find your way back home, a
place somewhere in a universe you left a long time ago.

Our awareness
As a result of the choices we make, we collect earthly experiences.
Our awareness can grow. After our physical death our soul takes this
awareness to the other side. Here we carefully plan our next
incarnation based on our karma. Life after life awareness is increased.
All this collected awareness contributes to the development of the
total awareness we originate from. One calls it 'God', the other 'Spirit',
'the Source' or 'Allah'. Before The Big Bang we were one, now you are
a little piece of 'God' on Earth.

Perhaps you had forgotten, but you voluntarily participated in a
unique experiment: integrating the twelve universal characters to
achieve unity in our universe. Manifesting is one of those characters.
Nowadays we are with almost 8 billion people and still this
experiment attracts a diversity of souls from all over our universe.
Many (including yourself) incarnated as delegates in a human body
and in this way contribute to the experience process on Earth. Some
are present in the earthly spheres as unmaterialized beings and try to
influence the experiment in every possible way. One stimulates, the
other sabotages the development of our awareness. The battle for
power in our universe is settled on Earth and you are a participant,
perhaps without realizing it.

Our soul is a very smal piece of 'God' that
undergoes its development on Earth

Urge to manifest
Although we are all the same age as a soul, not every soul has had
the same amount of Earthly experiences. So-called New Age
children, or better New Age people are 'ancient souls' and have
resided in the Earthly spheres for millions of years. They have
created a richer awareness. They 'remember' that they were initially
only subtle energy bodies and slowly manifested into the physical
beings. The animal kingdom was their model to integrate the twelve
universal characters from the 3th dimension. This leads to a smaller
urge of manifestation and more respect for the Earth and its original
inhabitants. Nature documentaries such as the BBC series Planet
Earth can recall memories in an inimitable way. However, the
majority of the souls that now form humanity arrived much later in
the Earths spheres and thereby misses this 'memory'. As a result,
they are more easily seduced by a boundless manifestation energy
that can ultimately lead to the destruction of the Earth's habitat. This
increases the need to find another habitable planet. The danger is this
pattern will repeat itself over and over again. It is that same driven
urge to manifest that made our so-called "gods" decide to exploit
planet Earth.

We do not know better, we were born with it. And while many
ancient inscriptions and writings (including the Bible) have
mentioned that man is the result of a 'commixture' between Earthly
primates and an extraterrestrial 'civilization', science adheres firmly
to Darwin's theory of evolution. But the proof for this has never been
conclusive; there is still a missing link. In addition, there is not a
single Earth's species (except human beings) that is capable of
destroying its own environment. There is something strange about
us, something destructive. It is our Anunnaki genes and it behaves
like cancer. It's able to destroy its host or hostess.

The Anunnaki - our gods - those who came from
the Heaven to the Earth

The Anunnaki
Some 450,000 years ago, space ships landed on Earth. On board were
the Anunnaki (Elohim and their servants, the Igigi. They are the
"gods" who came from the Heaven to the Earth. They came from a
celestial body, which every 3600 years came close to Earth and
searched for gold to save the decayed atmosphere of their own
habitat. The Anunnaki half-brothers Enki and Enlil were in control.
Because the gold mining became too heavy for the Igigi, they
revolted. Enki decided to create a workman. After many unsuccessful
attempts, the egg of a dark Earth primate was eventually fertilized by
artificial insemination with the sperm of Enki. After a few genetic
modifications, the embryo was implanted into an Anunnaki
surrogate mother. The precursor of the human species was born.
Barren, dark skin, slightly larger than the primate and obedient and
strong enough to do the heavy work. With this the Earth evolution
took a different turn and the development of awareness was
accelerated. Slavery and the fact that the white man still tends to
oppress the black man finds its origin here.

Then Enki succeeded in refining and fertilizing this infertile
workman; the Adam's and Eve's were born. They were unaware.
With the symbolic apple, Enki (Lucifer / the snake) made them aware
of the free will, the experiences of 'good and evil' and of the 'eternal'
life of the soul. But Enlil (Satan) wanted to keep them unaware and
sent them away, as prey for his demons. Because the Anunnaki
(Elohim) men could not resist the Eve's, the demigods (Nephilim)
were born. The project got out of hand and 'the children of the gods'
were abandoned. When the deluge came, Enlil saw this as an
opportunaty to get rid of man. Enki warned them, so a small group
survived the deluge. The Anunnaki left the Earth and went back into
space. A number of them later settled on Earth again. One after the
other civilisation followed.

The symbolism of 'god and the devil' finds its
origin in Enki en Enlil

The many civilizations involving the Anunnaki's descendants have
collapsed under their own weight. Lemuria has decayed, Atlantis
drowned, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Roman
Empire, the Maya's ... Nazi Germany, they are no more. And now it is
the turn of capitalism. As a race, the Anunnaki are extinct, but their
souls live on, either on the other side or in ordinary Earthly bodies,
reincarnation after reincarnation. In the meantime almost every
human being has (manipulated) Anunnaki genes, only some
'primitive' indigenous peoples are still free of these genes. They have
followed the original path of the Earth's evolution. That's the reason
why cancer does not occur with them.

We can pretend that the Anunnaki did not exist, but most people on
Earth have some form of religion. Angels in Christianity and Islam,
Eastern and Western gods, this way many people ask the 'winged'
Anunnaki daily to help us. You don't get along much with this, after
all, they set the wrong example. By the way, Jesus once also was an
Anunnaki, his name was Anu, father of Enki and Enlil. This
prominent soul has also left its marks on Earth in later incarnations.

The painful conclusion
So confusion allover, because 'God' has become a collective name for
everything that has anything to do with our creation, from Big Bang
to Anunnaki, 'God' as the father of the unaware and dependent man.
But instead of glorifying or cursing 'God' and the gods, we would do
better to learn from their biggest mistake; unbridled urge to manifest.
Our progress must therefore not be sought in material growth and
advanced technology. As in the past, it is only aimed at taking the
elite to other planets with spaceships and then destroying them as
well. Our progress lies in the growth of our awareness, the
acknowledgment of our past and admitting our mistakes. The painful
conclusion is that we can only experience that manifestation urge
leads to self-destruction. And don't forget, you are now just a tiny
piece of that dissonant 'God' with tremendous urge to manifest. So
who are you and why are you on Earth? STICHTING 11:11 helps you
find the answer to these questions.

Our so-called 'God' turns out to be a dissonant
with an unbridled urge to manifest

Who we really are

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