The 11:11 FOUNDATION (STICHTING 11:11) is a non-profit
organization and aims to stimulate mental or spiritual awareness of
(New Age) people. By means of this website, workshops and
consultations, and using of 'the Circle - map of life' insights are
brought to life which can be a stimulus to a wonderful and
miraculous transformation processes, so that you are able to live
according your own soul mission and cancer has no chance.

STICHTING 11:11 was established as a one-man foundation on
September 11, 2013 and has been designated by the Dutch tax
authorities as a social interest institution (SBBI). At the Chamber of
Commerce, STICHTING 11:11 is registered under number 58752269
at Cooperation bodies in the field of health care and other health care
services. STICHTING 11:11 is completely independent and therefore
not affiliated with a professional association or other interest

When all illusions have been seen through, the
wonderful truth is revealed

Life is a winding road ... From interior designer to companion of a
womens sportsclub, then spread my wings in the spiritual world,
almost to perish as a merciful Samaritan and finally letting go
everything and everyone but one. After all, I had to find out who I
really am. As a (autodidact) parapsychologist I help New Age people
to find out why they are on Earth.

The designation 11:11 is the code for 'gateway' that gives access to
higher awareness and also refers to the code of my name Peter Viskil.
The sum of the numerical value of both my first name, my last name,
the vowels in my name, and the consonants in my name is 28 = 2 + 8
= 10 = 1 + 0 = 1, the number of the pioneer. Four times a 1 results in
11:11. The numerical value of my entire name is 11, the intuitive
idealist, and the numerical value of my birthdate is 22, building
bridges between heaven and earth. The sum is 33, the selfless
visionary. It is who I am. Welcome to a world where coincidence
does not exist!

In addition to my commitment as initiator, STICHTING 11:11 can
count on the unconditional support of a team of twelve spiritual 
counselors from the other side. In 2013 they encouraged me to shape
my experiences and the insights I received from Yangay into the
revolutionary concept that STICHTING 11:11 now propagates.

Thank you for your interest, I would be happy tot
assist you

Peter Viskil

The Netherlands
KvK 58752269

11:11 Foundation

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