11:11 FOUNDATION (STICHTING 11:11) is a non-profit organization
and aims to stimulate the spiritual awareness of people (with cancer).
By means of this website, insights come to life, which can initiate
beautiful and miraculous transformation processes, so that you are
better able to live according to your own soul path and cancer does
not stand a chance. Cancer is not a coincidence or bad luck.

STICHTING 11:11 was established on September 11, 2013 by Peter
Viskil (1960) as a one-man foundation and has been designated by
the Dutch tax authorities as a social interest institution (SBBI). At the
Chamber of Commerce, STICHTING 11:11 is registered under
number 58752269 at Cooperation bodies in the field of health care
and other health care services. STICHTING 11:11 is completely
independent and therefore not affiliated with a professional
association or other interest organization.

When all illusions have been seen through, the
wonderful truth is revealed

Peter Viskil is highly sensitive and, as a (self-taught)
parapsychologist, has been conducting intensive research since 2001
into the influence of the spiritual world on us as humanity. His
mission is to unveil 'The Bigger Picture' as a catalyst for our spiritual
awakening. On this website, Peter also makes his insights and
experiences available to you.

The designation 11:11 is the code for 'the Cosmic Gateway' that gives
access to higher awareness and also refers to the code of his name
Peter Viskil. According to numerology the sum of both his first name,
his last name, the vowels in his name, and the consonants in his
name is 28 = 2 + 8 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1, the number of the pioneer. Four
times a 1 results in 1111 or 11:11. The numerical value of his entire
name is 11, the intuitive idealist, and the numerical value of his
birthdate is 22, building bridges between heaven and earth. The sum
is 33, the selfless visionary. It is who he is. Welcome to a world where
coincidence does not exist!

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KvK 58752269
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